Industry News

August 28, 2015
In the duration of a phone call, there's ample room for error, such as starting the conversation with price instead of the card message or... »
August 28, 2015
Social media is an enticing tool to court brides-to-be.  (After all, it's free!) But with 1.5 billion Facebook users, 316 million... »
August 27, 2015
The Society of American Florists is tackling one of the potentially most lucrative — or disastrous — aspects of running a flower business,... »
August 27, 2015
What exactly is an independent contractor? The government's new interpretation has several ramifications for floral business owners. »

SAF in Action

August 27, 2015
Want to show your shop has class? »
August 27, 2015
There's still time to squeeze in a summer vacation! If you're planning a Labor Day getaway, remember: Your SAF membership can save you... »
August 19, 2015
In just a few weeks, when temperatures and humidity dip to a more tolerable level, you can count on the return of the road race, one of the... »



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