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In its most basic form, biotechnology has been practiced by human beings since the beginning of recorded history. Each time bread was baked, alcoholic beverages were brewed or plants or animals were bred for food, biotechnology was used. Today, however, biotechnology is more commonly defined as using living organisms for commercial purposes by deliberately manipulating their genetics. Biotechnology has its supporters and detractors, but all agree that advancements in biotechnology will have far-reaching effects on society.

The Society of American Florists supports biotechnology research as a tool for improving floriculture crops. In addition SAF supports research into industrial and environmental applications of biotechnology in areas including but not limited to packaging materials and bioremediation.

While SAF supports biotechnology research and its applications for floriculture, SAF understands the need for and encourages federal regulatory policy that ensures proper standards for safety and quality of biotechnology products.

Keywords: Government Relations, floral legislation, biotechnology