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Free Marketing Tools

When Times Get Tough...
the Tough Get Marketing
Need a thrifty way to give sales a boost?

Try these free, or deeply discounted, marketing tools.

Printed Materials – Statement stuffers, postcards, posters, marketing kits, B2B and sympathy materials -- all at deeply-discounted member prices (Some postcards are available for as little as $3.95 and some statement stuffers for $1.95).

MagnetMail e-mail newsletters and marketing messages. Create and send dynamic, professional, branded e-mail promos and newsletters with this easy-to-use online tool

Tips and tools for advertising, PR and Marketing Campaigns – this page contains a wealth of resources to help you attract business and keep your company's name in front of consumers:

Business Fitness Kit

Bottom line feeling a little thin?
Help is just a click away with SAF's Business Fitness Kit.

These tools, tips and other resources can help you meet the challenges of today's economy and strengthen your business for tomorrow.

Practical Action

  • Refuse To Lose – Floral Management's December 2008 feature article, based on the 2008 convention presentation by floral industry financial advisor Paul Goodman, CPA. Information and advice on how to fight the economy by not losing a single cent to bloated expenses, sagging overhead and fatty pockets in your facility.
  • Retail Pricing Worksheet Download this handy excel spreadsheet – it can help you choose the most effective pricing structure by understanding your cost-of-goods-sold and breaking the COGS down into various levels.
  • Floral Accounting 101– Two series of articles on accounting for florists and their accountants. Exclusively for SAF members, these free articles can help your accountant become familiar with floral-specific accounting elements, so that they become a true partner on your business team.
  • Discounted Business Services– special member-only savings on Fedex shipping, payroll processing, credit cards, fleet and car rental, health insurance and more.
  • Human Resources Toolbox– human resource management tools tailored specifically for the floriculture industry. Download and customize an employee handbook, job descriptions, OSHA information materials and view a collection of SAF articles on various HR issues.
  • Credit Card Compliance – Credit card companies created PCI DSS, a comprehensive set of payment-security best practices, to combat the growing risk of electronic (and paper) credit card fraud. The deadlines have passed, so, if you're not compliant, now is the time to get there.

Floral ManagementIdeas and Insight that Boost the Bottom Line!

Grab insight from experts and read how other companies are staying profitable in the pages of Floral Management magazine. Read the latest issue online, or download these articles from past issues.

  • Budgeting
  • Cost Control & Profitability
  • Healthy Holidays
  • Increasing Sales
  • Labor
  • Planning
  • Pricing Strategies

Professional Advice

  • Sales consultant, and President of FloralStrategies, Inc., Tim Huckabee, provides members with complimentary customer service and sales advice. Take advantage of a 15 minute complimentary consultation with Tim Huckabee today!

Food for Thought

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