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Credit Card Security

Are you compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)? 

If you accept credit cards, you need to be.

Credit card companies created PCI DSS, a comprehensive set of payment-security best practices, to combat the growing risk of electronic (and paper) credit card fraud. The deadlines have passed, so, if you’re not compliant, now is the time to get there. Here are some resources to help get you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about PCI: 
Credit Card Security Standards: Comply or Pay Up

Plugged In series:
We walked readers through complying with PCI DSS starting with the March 2008 Plugged In.

What’s My Size?
For more on merchant levels and associated deadlines, check out this website


State-by-state regulation:
This interactive map details each state’s information security laws. 

Cost Consideration: Merchants who are not in compliance can pay fines up to $50,000. The costs associated with upgrades and security enhancements vary depending on what you already have in place. Estimate the costs by going here.

PCI Compliance Blog: Continue to get updates on PCI Compliance by checking the PCI DSS Compliance Blog.



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