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Donate to SAFPAC

Donate to SAFPAC!

Do your part to make sure floral industry issues are heard in Washington!

Your donation is critical to the success of SAF's Government Relations campaign. Before donating, because of federal regulations, please take a second to sign and return the Prior Approval Form. Once this form is completed, you'll be able to donate to SAFPAC and directly influence elections across the country. 

Don't worry, your signature commits you to nothing. It simply allows you to receive information from SAFPAC for solicitations and upcoming fundraisers.

Donate to SAFPAC Today! Download our Prior Approval form and donation form to get the ball rolling and support the industry's only political action comittee. Start donating by filling out this form here.

SAFPAC's next fundrasier will occur during the SAF Annual Convention in August in Marco Island, Florida. There, the SAFPAC Golf touranment will be help for convention attendees and their guests to play 18 holes at a beautiful golf course to help raise money for SAFPAC.

We also have sponsorships available for the tournament this year as well -- it's a great place to get your compnay name in front of the leading industry professionals during a day on the golf course. If you are interested in sponsorsing a hole or portion of a hole, please contact SAF Government Relations at dgruenburg@safnow.org.

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