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Health Care Reform

Affordable and accessible health care is critically important to the well-being and productivity of U.S. citizens.  Reforming the health care system, however, to achieve affordable and accessible care is a difficult and politically charged issue, and consensus is difficult to reach.

SAF supports the need for health care reform because we recognize that both skyrocketing costs and the impact of uninsured citizens on our society are unsustainable for the country.  As a voice for small business owners who also are purchasers and consumers of healthcare, SAF supports reforms that increase access to quality, affordable care.  Historically, SAF has supported legislation to create small business health plans to allow employers to offer health insurance through the employer’s membership in an association.

In addition, however, SAF also supports reform of medical malpractice laws, enacting incentives to achieve lower costs, providing tax incentives to assist with the purchase of health insurance, guaranteeing renewability and portability, creating simplified paperwork and administrative requirements, increasing transparency for consumers, enacting tax incentives to assist with the purchase of health care and enacting a permanent 100 percent deduction for the self employed.

Furthermore SAF supports insurance market reforms for the individual and small group markets but opposes employer mandates to provide health insurance.