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Human Resources Articles

Human Resources articles

Business Operation and Management

Closed for Business: Shop Hours (Floral Management, March '10)

Cage Your Inner Lizard (Floral Management, Dec. '09)

The Price Is Right — Or Is It?

Delegating Tasks

Stop What You're Doing: 3 Tech Tasks to Delegate (Floral Management, July '09)

Delegation Don't For a Can-Do Crowd (Floral Management, March '09)


Hiring and Firing

Glad I Asked: Florists Pick Their Top Interview Questions (Floral Management, May '10)

Create a Domino's Effect of Hiring Top Talent (Floral Management, March '10)

New Guidelines from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Posters available Nov. '09)

Fire Power: Avoid Lawsuits, Lay Off Legally (Floral Management, Feb '09)

Make it Legal (Info To Go, June '06)

You're Fired... Legally (Floral Management, June '04)

Ask Good Questions, Get Good Hires (Floral Management, Nov. '03)

Employers Vet Hires Via Social Networking Sites

Job Applicants Seek Low-Cost Commutes

Survey Says Companys Are Playing for Keeps

Small Firm Workers Pick Large Firm Benefits

Young, Hourly Workers Seek New Jobs

Discover New Sources of Temp Help


HR Issues

Clean Up Common HR Messes (Floral Management, April '10)

The Pregnant Pause (Floral Management, July '08)

Top 10 HR Myths (Floral Mangement, Jan. '08)

Sample Complaint Procedure Policy (Floral Management, Oct. '04)

Handling Sexual Harassment (Floral Management, Sept. '04)

Workers More Inclined to Sue

Employee Fraud: All the Rage in Small Biz

Work is Less of a Pain, Labor Dept. Says So

Can Employees Clock Out to Vote?

Few Employers Offset Workers' Fuel Bills

Fiscally Fit: Lose Weight? Gain Bonus

Ready or Not for Retirement?

No Fun in the Sun for Staff?

Don't Cover Up Dress Code at Work

Work is a Pain for Teens

Disability Rights Measure Widens

Sick Time for Small Businesses

Body Piercings: A Hot Topic Among Co-Workers

Future Workers Are OK With Cheating

Sleep Deprivation Linked to Work

Business Repercussions Due to Depression

Ok to Talk Salary?

Are You Too Family-Friendly?


Staff Conduct

 Sympathy Sales: Is Your Staff at a Loss? (Floral Management, Feb. '10)

Hot, Bothered and Always Right (Floral Management, May '09)

Can the Cursing at Work, Survey Says

Old Habits Die... Pretty Easily?

On the Job, Bullies Create Hostility

Many Bosses Monitor Employee Activities

Offensive Talk is Common While on the Job

Talking Politics on the Job

Did You Hear...?


Staff Motivation

Nine Ways to Put the 'Super' Into 'Supervisor' (Floral Management, Jan. '10)

Bonus Material: A Simple Approach to Sales-Boosting Incentives (Floral Management, Nov. '09)

Working With The Whippersnappers (Floral Management, July '09)

The Curious Case of Gabriel's Buttons (Floral Management, May '09)

The Performance Reviews Are In (Floral Management, Nov. '08)

You Work Marvelous (Floral Management, July '06)

Light Employees Fire (Floral Management, Sept. '05)

Secret Shop Analysis Form (Info To Go, April '05)

Take This Job and Love It (Floral Management, May '04)

Energize Your Team With Information

Attention: Customers Need More of It

Exercise Your Lazy Demons

Turn Economic Anxiety into Energy and Innovation

Exercise Your Right to Exercise

Be Ready to Reward Employees on Day One

Satisfaction Trumps Big Bucks

Customers 'Get Satisfaction' Online

Don't Let Competitive Drive Steamroll Staff Morale

The Elephant in the Room That's Crushing Morale

Employers Promote Healthy Life Styles

Bosses: Take Cover!

Building Team Spirit

Veg Out at Work, Your Boss Demands It

Recruit and Retain Great Employees