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Successful Events: Sample Confirmation Letter

PFCIINSTRUCTIONS: Use this sample confirmation letter to confirm designers’ and commentators’ participation in your event. This sample provides some basic language. You'll see some phrases in parentheses where you should insert the appropriate information about your event. Feel free to expand or edit this letter to suit your specific needs. Print this on your company’s letterhead. Click here for more from "Successful Events: A 12-Step Guide to Organizing Programs that Educate, Motivate and Captivate."






(Designer Name)

(Shop Name)

(Street Address)

(City, State Zip)


Dear (Name),

Thank you for agreeing to participate in our upcoming program, (name of program) to be held on (date of program). We are pleased and delighted to have you share your creative ideas with our audience. This letter confirms our verbal agreement that you will participate in our program.

You should plan to arrive on (day, date and time) and depart (day, date and time). The show itself is on (day, date and time schedule). The format of our program is (name the style, and then explain what you mean by that.)

In return for your work, we will pay you a fee of (dollar amount) at the conclusion of the program. Please let me know when you will be arriving so we can make reservations for your lodging. Also, please arrange your air travel at least 21 days in advance using (your company of choice in coach seats. Include the airline's toll free phone # and contact name).

If you have any questions, please call me at (your number and area code). You can also email me at (your e-mail address). If for any reason you cannot keep this commitment, please notify me immediately as our announcements for the program are about to be printed. Thank you again for participating, and we look forward to a great program!



(Your name)

(Your position)

(Your company)