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Premier Products Showcase


Create More Demand for Your Products

at the Premier Products Showcase

Premier Products Showcase


It's not always easy deciding what inventory will move customers. Making buying decisions is no sweat for SAF convention-goers. They arrive early and stay after to see new flowers, foliage, containers, tools and add-on extras when SAF's Professional Floral Communicators – International unveils fresh ideas for products during the Premier Products Showcase at the Annual SAF Convention. PFCI talks innovative strategies for using the new products.

Premier Products Showcase Exhibitor Information

Premier Products Showcase

SAF’s convention does not have a typical trade show. Instead, the Premier Products Showcase is an educational products demonstration. It is one of the most popular educational sessions at the SAF convention.

Four expert product promoters from Professional Floral Communicators – International will display and demonstrate your products to the convention audience and deliver your sales message. After their product demonstration, convention-goers visit the display tables where you can talk one-on-one with potential buyers. 

  • Exhibitor fee starting at $300!

  • PFCI sets up your product display and delivers your sales message.

  • Post-event publicity includes SAF's Facebook Wall and Floral Management! 

  • RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Contact SAF's Jenny Scala at 800-336-4743; jscala@safnow.org.

Past Premier Products Showcases

Wholesalers: Host a Products Showcase

Hosting a product showcase can strengthen relationships with retail customers, increase sales and establish your business as the go-to-place for new products, trends and solutions. Get started with PFCI. Review "Successful Events: A 12-Step Guide to Organizing Programs that Educate, Motivate and Captivate" and search for a PFCI speaker to lead the event.