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Retailer Resources

with SAFs Powerful Tools and Services 

  • Online visibility — listing on SAF's Florist Directory at www.nationalfloristdirectory.com. Our consumer web site, www.aboutflowers.com, comes up in the top 10 of online searches for flowers and florists so customers find you fast.

  • Legal advice — free 15-minute phone consultation with an experienced small-business attorney.

  • Sales and Service Advice — FREE 15-minute phone consulation with the floral industry's top expert in floral shop customer service and selling skills.
  • Savings on a variety of valuable business services including FedEx Ground and Express shipping, payroll management, vehicle leasing and fleet management services, last minute truck rentals, etc.

  • Free marketing information — including camera-ready ads, brochures and radio scripts.

  • Plus...deep discounts on all SAF business-building products…such as postcards, statement stuffers, posters and much more!

  • SAF's Unique Retail Pricing Worksheet — a customizable Excel spreadsheet that can help you lower your cost-of-goods sold.

  • A comprehensive library of radio scripts, web banner ads, print ads and more to help you create your advertising.

  • Personnel tools tailored to the industry including an employee handbook and floral job descriptions that you can download and customize to fit your shop's unique needs.

  • Access to SAF's network of colleagues across the industry and across the country, including other florists and potential suppliers.

  • e-Classifieds where you can find what you need or post inventory, equipment, and even businesses for sale, as well as post job openings

with SAF's magazine and newsletters 

  • Floral Management monthly magazine.

  • Wednesday E-Brief — our weekly email newsletter, called the "USA Today" of the floral industry!

  • Sales Wake-Up! — sales tips delivered to your in-box every Saturday morning.

  • Floral Trend Tracker — exclusive industry research and information, including our quarterly Industry Outlook

  • Washington Week in Review — news from Capitol Hill on issues that impact your business.

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