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PFCI Programs at the AIFD National Symposium

In conjunction with the American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium, PFCI presents seminars of interest to up-and-coming speakers and PFCI members.

PFCIClick the links for handouts and information from past PFCI programs.

  • Bridal Sense, Scents & Cents: Make more money selling wedding flowers.
  • Creating Brand You: This program covers: Marketing & Business, Economy & Profitability, Time Management, and Image & Brand.
  • Creating Your Style: Speak with confidence and captivate audiences with your own personal speaking style!
  • Keys to Communication: Discover the technical keys of communication used by professional presenters.
  • Knock their Socks Off — In Person and on Camera!: Discover the dos and don’ts to deliver awe-inspiring presentations.
  • Professional Lifesaving Lessons: PFCI covers enhancing the professional image, rejuvenating the shop environment and becoming a positive leader.
  • Rise & Shine 2015: 50 Years of Talking!: To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we gathered a panel of some of our brightest stars — from our favorite mentors who inspired us to grow to the new voices of today — to dish their secrets for overcoming stage jitters, winning the audience and much more.

  • Secrets of Savvy Communicators: Find out how to secure positive media coverage and answer the tough questions.
  • Speaking the Language of Sales & Service: Find out what your customers want, how your customers think and how to handle customer interactions correctly.
  • Thinking On Your Feet: Organize and deliver your thoughts with confidence, effectively use demonstrations to "spice up" your speaking, project a knowledgeable, self-assured image, better manage those nervous butterflies and deliver messages with impact.
  • Verbal, Visual, Vocal: The seminar will refresh your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm for floral presentations.
  • You're On In 3, 2, 1 ...:  Practice makes perfect. And having that practice tweaked by the pros makes perfection easier to attain. During this presentation consultation, seize the stage and get immediate, expert feedback from PFCI.
  • You're On In 3, 2, 1, ... Episode 2 The Elevator Speech: Elevator. Boardroom. Social Event. Where are you going to make your next sales pitch? What would you say if you only had 5 to 60 seconds to make a valuable impression?
  • You're On in 3, YouTube, 1Learning to communicate via YouTube is becoming a prerequisite for local florists who want to reach a broad base of customers and position themselves as experts in the industry.
  • You're On In 3, 2, 1 ... Media SavvyBe a media darling! Have you ever wondered how to land a TV interview and be the flower expert on the local news showing floral designs and talking about your shop? Learn how to become a news source and tips for displaying your products on the media table.