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Send Your Customers a Message on the Power of Giving Flowers

Research Reveals: Flower Givers Make the Best Impression

Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., and her team at Rutgers University started SAF on a journey in 2000 to learn about the power of flowers. In the Emotional Impact of Flowers Study, we learned that receiving flowers makes you truly happy, creates instant smiles, and enhances life satisfaction. Now, SAF is announcing the results of new Rutgers research, commissioned through a partnership of SAF and the American Floral Endowment. The new research proves the benefits of giving flowers. The Power of Giving Flowers Study reveals:

  • Flower givers are viewed as more likable, friendlier and emotionally intelligent when compared to people who give other types of gifts.
  • Both men and women who give flowers are considered to be more successful, and women are thought of as more appreciative of beauty.
  • Ultimately, when you give a gift of flowers, you give the best impression.

SAF PR: Publicizing the Power of Giving Flowers

Launched in Spring 2008, SAF’s Power of Giving Flowers public relations campaign includes the distribution of broadcast packages to TV stations nationwide, a press kit to national and local print media, targeted outreach to key media, and coverage on www.aboutflowers.com. Dr. Haviland-Jones is SAF’s spokesperson, explaining the study’s findings. Additionally, inspirational author M.J. Ryan, who created the Random Acts of Kindness series and has written several books on giving, is sharing advice for using flowers to strengthen relationships. Visit www.aboutflowers.com to see how the study is being promoted to customers.

Promotional Ideas & Marketing Tips

Pique the Interest of the Press

  • Send a press release to local newspapers, radio and TV stations, along with a voucher for the reporter to send a gift of flowers to a friend. Encourage the media to solicit feedback from their friend on how they perceived both the gift and giver. Use the Power of Giving press release.
  • Invite the press to your shop. Give them a few stems to hand out to passers-by. Let them see reactions and ask your customers why they give floral gifts.
  • Host a gift-giving workshop for the media a month before a popular gifting holiday. Provide ordering and care tips, and share the latest research.
  • Advertise the benefits of flowers and your shop with print ads, radio scripts and fliers.
  • Start a blog on your Web site. Use www.aboutflowers.com content.

Hold In-Shop Activities

  • Share the research with staff and customers via e-mail, on your Web site, in newsletters, point of purchase and by using the Send An Instant Message statement stuffer.
  • Open your shop during slow times to networking groups — chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, garden or book clubs, car dealers, realtors, town government — to use as a meeting place. Ask if you can say a few words about your services during their event. Provide an article on the research to include in their newsletters. Use the Power of Giving press release for content.
  • Host “random acts of kindness day.” Have staff give flowers to passers-by. Attach a Send An Instant Message flier or postcard with your shop information to the stem.

Seasonal Opportunities

  • Help fledgling romantics make a great impression on someone they admire by coupling the research results with a “just because” message. Do this “Half-Way to Valentine’s Day” — August 14.
  • For Administrative Professionals’ Week, share the research results with business clientele, showing them how to make a great impression on staff and associates.
  • Connect with your younger customer base. Set up a Facebook page and reach out to your new digital “friends.” Send reminders about important events — such as proms and homecomings — or special promotions and announcements.

Create a Yearlong Promotional Calendar

Every day brings an opportunity to promote your expertise and the benefits of your products and services. Use these monthly ideas to keep your shop top of mind with the media and consumers in your town. Click here for press releases. These topics also make great newsletter articles.


  • Do you or a friend need a boost to keep up with New Year’s resolutions? Reinforce your new habits with an inspirational arrangement. E-mail a Health reporter with this story idea.
  • January is wedding show season. Send the Budding News for Brides release to lifestyle reporters in early January, when most media are planning their wedding stories, with wedding flower trends.


  • Groundhog says six more weeks of winter? Beat the winter blahs with an amazing bouquet of bright oranges, yellows and reds. Send a boutonnière to the local weather forecaster and ask him/her to wear it on air. Better yet, invite him/her to broadcast the weather report from your shop.


  • Resolve to get your home in order with a top-to-bottom spring cleaning. Remember, plants keep clutter at bay. Send the Home Makeover release to home and garden writers.



  • Did your college graduate land a new job? Send flowers or a plant to the office to celebrate. Send an e-mail to your customers with kids with the workplace research results.
  • Pamper mom. Capture news headlines in time for Mother’s Day with the Flowers & Seniors Study release.
  • Prom season is here. Send trendy corsages,wristlets and boutonnières to TV anchors and ask them to wear them on air. Offer to be interviewed about prom trends.




  • Coming back from a beach vacation? Offer a memorable thanks to your house and pet sitters with a bright, sunny bouquet. Provide this tip on your Web site.
  • It’s back to school time. Get your kids up and at ‘em. Flowers can help. Send lifestyle editors the Can Petal Power Perk Up Your Morning? release.


  • Know someone heading back to a drab college dorm? Give them a memory that will last all semester with a healthy plant to brighten their days and nights. Send an e-mail to your customers.
  • National Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. Remember to honor your grandparents. Send the Flowers & Seniors Study release to lifestyle editors.


  • The holiday season is fast approaching, and brings with it great meals, presents, decorations, and lots of guests coming and going. Send entertainment and lifestyle reporters the Ready Your Home For Holiday Guests release.


  • Kick off the holiday season and give yourself a daily energy boost with a few small flowers tucked into a bathroom corner. Tap into research about flowers enhancing moods and place this décor tip on your Web site.


  • After an exhausting day shopping and fighting the holiday crowds, soothe your nerves and treat yourself to an arrangement in peaches and creamy whites or soft blues and greens to instill calm amidst the chaos. Highlight the Flower Therapy release to health or lifestyle reporters and feature the information and photography on your Web site.

Don’t sit back and wait for customers to come in. Go get them. Working with the media and utilizing your e-mail promotions and newsletters are powerful ways to capture consumers’ attention and get them thinking about flowers and buying from your shop. We hope these ideas inspire you to build visibility for your shop locally.


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