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The availability, use and conservation of water resources has become a critical issue facing communities across the United States. Skyrocketing demand, extensive droughts, contamination and rising costs all contribute to a growing concern that lack of adequate fresh water poses a threat to businesses, individuals and communities.

Failure to prepare for the increasing competition for water resources could result in market-channel disruption and public opposition to business.

The Society of American Florists supports legislative and regulatory proposals that provide businesses in the floral industry continuing access to water to meet their daily needs.  At the same time, SAF supports responsible stewardship of water and encourages development of new technologies and techniques to store, conserve and protect existing water resources.  In addition, SAF supports educational activities at the local, state and federal level to help business owners become better informed about steps they can take to use water more efficiently and to protect water resources for the future.

Keywords: floral legislation, government relations, water