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August 22, 2014
In Lexington, S.C., residents are “big on the pig” –and the pigskin. White House Florist co-owners Janie Gantt (left) and Jennifer... »
August 22, 2014
Folks drive up to two hours to shop at Leon and Lulu, an award-winning “lifestyle store” in Clawson, a Detroit suburb, that specializes in... »
August 21, 2014
With its demure garden-like petals, ‘Blushing Parasol’, a creamy pinkish-peach spray rose from Eufloria Flowers, found many admirers at the... »
August 21, 2014
Tips on creating better videos, practical advice on branding across online platforms and big picture perspective on consumer demographic... »

SAF in Action

August 21, 2014
Last week, en route to SAF’s convention in Marco Island, Fla., about a dozen florists made a preliminary stop Wednesday, Aug. 13, in nearby... »
August 21, 2014
Before you send your next package, check out SAF’s FedEx Advantage program. »
August 7, 2014
Friends and family who’ve recently lost a loved one have a lot of details to juggle — and emotions. »



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